How to get all icons in a geometry dash?

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Geometry Dash is a really amusing video game that has been available on Steam for PCs and mobile devices for the past ten years. RobTop created this platform as a straightforward game that nevertheless requires a lot of expertise. Depending on the game level, we will move our figure with a single touch to conquer a range of obstacles.

This fascinating game contains a fantastic icon kit that enables players to change the appearance of their figure in order to move through the game’s stages. It depends on how many levels they have completed and how many mana orbs they have gathered at each level. In this way, characters can be customized in a variety of colors and combinations.

This article will explore how to unlock all icons in Geometry Dash, providing players with the means to personalize their gameplay experience and enhance their journey through this exciting game.

How to Unlock All Icons in the Geometry Dash?

Step 1

Start the game Geometry Dash on your smartphone. The latest version of the game is required to view all the icons.

Step 2

Play the game and finish all of its levels. You will get stars as you go through the game, and these stars will enable you to access new icons.

Step 3

Navigate to the game’s Shop menu. By touching on the symbol on the game’s main menu screen, you may reach the Shop menu.

Step 4

Purchase new icons using the stars you have collected. Use the stars you have earned from winning the game to purchase the new icons by navigating to the Icon area of the Shop menu.

Step 5

Complete every level and collect every star to unlock every symbol. You will be able to unlock additional icons the more levels you finish and the stars you earn. Continue to play and earn stars until all of the icons have been unlocked.

Start by playing and progressing through the main levels of Geometry Dash. Completing levels will earn your stars, which are used to unlock new icons.

How to get all icons in a geometry dash?

  •  Focus on achieving high scores and collecting secret coins within levels.
  • Explore and complete the “Map Packs” in the game. These map packs contain additional levels with their own unique icons. By finishing each map pack, you’ll unlock new icons.
  • Participate in online challenges and events. Geometry Dash occasionally hosts special events or challenges where players can earn exclusive icons.
  • Consider purchasing the full version of the game or any additional content packs that may offer exclusive icons.
  • Regularly check for updates to the game. Keep up-to-date to avoid missing the latest icons, which are usually added with each update.

Advantages of Unlocking Geometry Dash Icons 

In Geometry Dash, the icons provide a number of advantages that improve players’ excitement for the game. Here are some benefits of utilizing and unlocking icons:


By using icons, players may give their characters a unique voice in the game. Players can make a unique avatar that reflects their tastes and style by selecting and personalizing their icons. This component of character personalization encourages a sense of attachment to the character and increases players’ excitement.

Visual Appeal

The icons in Geometry Dash include interesting patterns, vibrant colors, and eye-catching effects. Players may improve the overall aesthetics of the game and make their characters stand out by choosing visually arresting symbols.

Variety of Choices

Players have a wide range of alternatives due to this variation, making it possible for everyone to select a symbol that suits their preferences. The variety of options makes it possible to customize characters in new and interesting ways, encouraging inclusion and self-expression.

Enhanced Gameplay Experience

In Geometry Dash, icons can have interactive features, extra effects, or transformations in addition to being purely decorative. These elements give the gameplay additional energy and visual intrigue, which enhances the gameplay experience. The dynamic and transforming qualities of symbols improve gaming by adding more excitement and surprises for gamers.

Encouraged to explore

The game Geometry Dash has a lot of hidden or action-required icons, which makes it interesting to explore. This pushes players to extensively explore levels, look for hidden spaces, and take on difficult challenges. Discovering new gaming mechanics and delving deeper into the game’s content are all encouraged by the desire to unlock icons.

Give Motivation

The desire to unlock icons can function as a driving force for players to advance through the game. It gives you objectives and benchmarks to work for, inspiring you to take on more difficult stages and develop your abilities. You can remain interested and immersed in Geometry Dash’s gameplay by unlocking icons.

Frequently Ask Questions ( FAQs )

How to get all the icons in Geometry Dash?

Players must advance through the game by finishing stages and collecting stars, which unlock new icons in the Geometry Dash. Additionally, finishing map packs and gathering secret coins in particular levels will unlock special icons. Participating in online challenges and events, following game updates, and obtaining special icons for personalization also open new icons.

What is the purpose of the geometry icon?

Players utilize icons to visually express how they want their in-game characters to appear. Geometry icons are mostly used to give players the option to customize their gameplay and showcase their unique personalities.

Can you download Geometry Dash icons on your PC?

Yes! You can download all icons to your computer. Icons for Geometry Dash are often acquired through certain criteria or by completing in-game challenges. The game itself must be downloaded in order to access these icons. In order to unlock icons in Geometry Dash, you must find and complete the game’s criteria, which involve finishing particular levels, getting good scores, or finding secret places.
When you meet a particular creature, all icons will be available for you.

Which is the rarest icon in the Geometry Dash?

The “8o” icon, sometimes referred to as the “Secret Icon,” is frequently regarded as being the rarest icon in Geometry Dash. Because it cannot be acquired easily, players must earn certain hidden achievements or meet prerequisites in order to unlock the “8o” symbol, and these conditions might change depending on the game’s version and update. Players value this emblem more because of how uncommon it is, since it shows a certain degree of talent and commitment to finding the game’s secrets.

How many icons are there in total?

The total number of icons in Geometry Dash varies as the game continues to receive updates and additions.
The game offers a variety of icons to gather, including basic icons, special icons, and secret icons, giving players a lot of customizing options.


The ability to acquire additional icons for customization is unlocked as players go through the game and fulfill certain requirements. The icons provide advantages, including personalization, aesthetic appeal, a range of options, an improved gaming experience, and an incentive to discover undiscovered game features. Obtaining all the symbols deepens and intensifies the action and gives players a chance to showcase their distinct styles.

Remember, unlocking all icons in Geometry Dash may require time, practice, and dedication. Enjoy the game, improve your skills, and gradually work towards unlocking all the icons to customize your gameplay experience.