How to get diamonds in Geometry Dash?

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In the video game Geometry Dash, developed by RobTop, players must navigate through challenging stages that are set to the beat of electronic music. It was initially released for mobile devices running the Android and iOS operating systems in 2013. Now it has millions of downloads worldwide. 

Collectibles are highly significant instruments on this platform that are used together with the mechanics in Geometry Dash to gain resources and advantages. Among those collectibles, we find geometric dash diamonds and coins. In this post, I will explain how to get diamonds in the game.

Ways to get diamonds in Geometry Dash

Daily Level

The only level in the game that awards diamonds is the daily level. If you can finish every daily level, just like when opening your daily chests, you’ll be well on your way to collecting diamonds.

However, as with daily chests, you must wait up to 24 hours before playing another daily level after finishing the previous one. You must then go on to the next technique for gathering diamonds.

  • Daily Levels play a significant role as well.
  • You will earn and receive additional points for finishing a daily level.
  • My Daily Level, for instance, is Tranquility. If I finish it, I’ll get a bonus of three and up to six points. This comes to 9, which is a significant number for a daily level.
  • You could receive more or less than what is mentioned here since the rewards for various Daily Levels can vary.


Up to 15 diamonds can be awarded upon finishing a quest. There are three different levels of quest difficulty, but each one calls for a specific quantity of orbs, silver user coins, or stars to be gathered.

Quests cannot be renewed, though. You might have to wait up to 24 hours after finishing the last task to unlock additional tasks. However, there are still two more ways to get diamonds, which is lucky.

  • The Daily Quests are undoubtedly the easiest method to get them.
  • You’ll receive three from the simplest mission, six from the second-hardest, and nine from the toughest.
  • Obtaining 4 User Coins or 8 Stars is one of the mission’s simpler requirements.
  • You will receive 18 in total for completing your daily quests, so you surely don’t want to pass this opportunity up.


The only levels in the game that provide diamonds are the Gauntlet levels, which exclude the daily level. These, however, do not expire and may be finished quickly, in contrast to the daily level.

Even if you are unable to finish a particular Gauntlet, you can still earn diamonds by finishing a few of its stages. There are several Gauntlet levels to keep you occupied, but if you ever manage to finish them all, there is still another option to get gems.

Treasure Room

The treasure chests in the Treasure Room, like the daily chests, have a chance to contain diamonds. The treasure chamber has two different kinds of treasure boxes.

  • A gray chest with common goodies.
  • A gold chest that offers more benefits.

The most apparent distinction, however, is that opening a gray chest costs one demon key, but opening a gold chest costs five. The Treasure Room is the last remaining method of acquisition. 5 Keys or 2,500 Mana Orbs are required to access the Treasure Room; Mana Orbs obtained from Daily Chests, Treasure Chests, or advertisements do not count. Receiving is not certain because each box in the Treasure Room can hold a different gift. However, the quantity you receive may be substantial. For instance, from one Treasure Chest, I received 20. Anyone who needs The Challenge or Scratch’s Shop will greatly profit from that.

Daily Chests

Diamonds may be obtained most easily through daily chests. Every 24 hours, you can open a large daily chest. And every 4 hours, you’ll open a smaller one. Unfortunately, once you have the chests, they cannot be renewed; therefore, you must go on to the next way to get diamonds.

How to Get Geometry Dash Diamonds for Free?

Step 1: Download the “Lucky Patcher” application.

The “Lucky Patcher” program must first be downloaded from a reliable source. With the help of this program, you can modify the game’s APK file and obtain free resources like diamonds.

Step 2. Install Geometry Dash in Step 2.

Make sure your device has the most recent version of Geometry Dash installed.

Step 3: Launch Lucky Patcher.

Geometry Dash can be found in the list of installed programs when you open the Lucky Patcher app.

Step 4: Update the game.

“Menu for Patches”> “Support patch for in-app and LVL emulation”> “Apply” are the choices to choose from. As a result, the game’s APK file will be altered.

Step 5: Install the modified APK in Step 5.

Install the patched APK file made by Lucky Patcher and uninstall the original game from your smartphone.

Step 6: Start and Have Fun

You will have unlimited diamonds to use as you like once you launch the patched game.


How do I get diamonds in Geometry Dash? 

In Geometry Dash, diamonds can be obtained by completing user-created levels or by unlocking certain achievements. Each level contains three secret coins, and collecting them all rewards players with diamonds. Additionally, completing daily levels, participating in online challenges, or purchasing them through the in-game shop are other ways to acquire diamonds. These precious gems can be used to unlock new icons, colors, and other customization options.

What are the secrets of Geometry Dash?

In Update 2.1, Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World unveiled The Vault of Secrets, a hidden feature. It is accessible by a padlock in the directive menu’s top right corner and costs 50 diamonds to open.

How do I unlock all Geometry Dash vaults?

All you need to do to unlock The Vault is collect 10 Silver User Coins. These coins can be collected very easily by playing Online Featured Levels in Geometry Dash. Each of these levels has three Silver User Coins on offer.

How are diamonds used in Geometry Dash? 

Diamonds can be used to unlock new icons and develop customization options within the game. They enhance the visual aspects of your gameplay and allow for personalization.

Are diamonds available for purchase with real money? 

Yes, in Geometry Dash, you have the option to purchase diamonds using real money through the in-game shop. This provides a quicker way to acquire them, if desired.


There are several ways to obtain diamonds in Geometry Dash. Daily levels offer a chance to earn diamonds, and completing quests and gauntlet levels also provides opportunities for diamond rewards. Additionally, the Treasure Room and opening daily chests can grant diamonds. Players can also modify the game’s APK file using third-party applications like Lucky Patcher to gain unlimited diamonds. These diamonds can be used to unlock various customization options and enhance the gameplay experience.

Whether through in-game achievements or external means, obtaining diamonds adds an extra layer of excitement and progression to the game.