How to play geometry dash?

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Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer! Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles. Simple one touch game play with lots of levels that will keep you entertained for hours!
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Nov 15, 2017
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One of the most popular rhythm games on the App Store and Play Store is Geometry Dash. In this fascinating game, the player controls the block’s movement with a press or hold, with the objective of reaching the level’s end.
The level restarts if the player collides with an obstacle. Practice mode is the sole exception to this rule, allowing the user to set checkpoints to review or train the level before it is considered complete. Time and rhythm are closely related aspects of the game’s music.

Install Geometry Dash on your device, and be ready to take on thrilling challenges as you travel through geometric landscapes.

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How to play geometry dash?

In this game, players time their leaps according to musical rhythms. Download Geometry Dash on your phone or computer to start.

Install Geometry Dash on your mobile

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Start by downloading Geometry Dash from your mobile app store. Install the game on your device after downloading it.  Locate the Geometry Dash icon on your device’s home screen and tap on it to install the game.

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Select a game level

The actual gameplay will begin here. Choose a level from the list by tapping on it. If you’re a beginner, always start with the easier level. 

play geometry dash game

Tap the play button and open the game. The level selection screen will be displayed when you click the button on the screen’s middle. To access the play mode, tap the “Play” button. You’ll see a list of available levels.

Compete against the game’s obstacles

The game has many obstacles. You will either need to fly, jump, or reverse gravity’s direction to escape. Tap to jump or switch gravity’s pull while holding.

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To jump, tap the screen. The higher your character jumps, the longer you hold the screen, and the higher you leap. To avoid obstacles, you must time your jump precisely.


Geometry Dash can be quite challenging, so don’t get discouraged if you fail repeatedly. In order to progress further, you must practice the levels, learn the patterns, and improve your timing.

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Collect stars

As you play, try to collect stars scattered throughout the levels. Stars can unlock new icons and customization options for your character.

Always turn on the beat

Geometry Dash jumps are usually accompanied by music. For a better experience when playing this game, turn up the volume. Enjoy the rhythm and let it guide your movements.

Try Practice mode

Aside from play mode, Geometry Dash also offers Practice mode, where you can practice specific sections of a level. It also offers Create Mode, where you can design your own levels.

geometry dash

Checkpoints are automatically created in practice mode when you jump or land before obstacles. Although the level music is not played in the background, you can attempt specific sections of these levels without starting again.

Hit the beats

These are colored circles on platforms floating in the air. You will either experience a change in gravity or be forced to jump.

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Capture the hidden coin

This coin is out of reach. By capturing the hidden coin, you will earn additional points.

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Continue to the end

When you get there, the level has been completed. This will also open up the following levels: You are free to play for as long as you desire at each level.

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Tips and tricks to play Geometry Dash 

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  • If you want to be successful, you must time your movements to the rhythm of the music.
  • If you’re not nervous, the game will go much smoother!
  • Practice! You’ll get better at small movements that let you go forward over time.
  • Share your successes so others can learn from your experiences.
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Here are some suggestions and strategies to improve your Geometry Dash gameplay:

Start with Easy levels

Always begin at an easier level if you’re a new player to the game. This will enable you to lay a strong foundation before progressing to more challenging stages.

Focus on timing

It’s crucial to time your jumps and movements precisely in Geometry Dash. Keep a close eye on the rhythm and obstacles. Practice until you are able to anticipate them and respond to them.

Practice the difficult sections

If you’re struggling with a particular part of a level, use the practice mode to focus on that section. This mode allows you to repeat challenging sections until you master them. Use it to improve your skills and overcome tough obstacles.

Customize Your Character

Geometry Dash allows you to customize your character with various icons, colors, trails, and more. While purely cosmetic, choosing a character you like can boost your motivation and enjoyment while playing.

Use headphones

Playing with headphones can enhance your gaming experience. Geometry Dash’s music is designed to sync with gameplay, and having a clear audio cue can help time your jumps and movements.

Memorize the Difficult sections

It might be beneficial to memorize tricky passages at difficult levels. Once you know the game’s obstacles, you can perform accurate leaps and movements without surprise.

Stay focused

Geometry Dash requires focus and concentration. Reduce interruptions while playing, such as background noise or device alerts. You’ll improve if you give more time to yourself.

Watch replays and tutorials

Consider watching replays of experienced players or instructional videos if you’re stuck on a level. Taking notes on their tactics and methods might improve your gaming.

Keep in mind that Geometry Dash requires patience and effort to master. You can develop your talents and pass even the hardest levels with time and effort.


How do I play the geometry dash?

In the rhythm-based game Geometry Dash, you guide a character through difficult levels full of obstacles and challenges. Your task is to touch the screen at the appropriate times to cause the character to jump to avoid obstacles and gaps. This is done while the character progresses automatically. Timing and accuracy are essential for completing each level and moving forward in the game.

How can I play Geometry Dash for free?

Just start a web browser and click the game’s play button. The game starts to play. No download is necessary to play free Android games online.

Can young children play Geometry Dash?

With no objectionable material or in-app purchases, Geometry Dash World is widely regarded as kid-safe. The ESRB has given the game an E for Everyone rating, indicating that it is appropriate for all age groups.

Is Geometry Dash hard to beat?

At first, Geometry Dash looks simple to master, but as you explore user-created levels with the Demon difficulty rating, it becomes much tougher. To defeat them, you usually need a lot of patience and a variety of talents. Fortunately, there is an easy approach that can be used to practice and finish Demon levels.


Geometry Dash is an exciting rhythm-based platformer game where timing and precision are crucial. By tapping the screen to make your character jump, you navigate through challenging levels filled with obstacles. Starting with easier levels, focusing on timing, practicing difficult sections, and customizing your character can improve your gameplay.

That’s an overview of the main steps of the Geometry Dash. Remember that as you play more, you’ll become more experienced.

Have fun and enjoy the game!