What do diamonds do in geometry?

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The captivating rhythm-based game Geometry Dash immerses players in a universe of geometric challenges, pulsating beats, and an abundance of diamonds. These sparkling gems act as coveted collectables that not only improve gameplay but also unlock fascinating features and encourage social interaction.

Diamonds sparkle as priceless collectables in the engaging world of Geometry Dash, enhancing gameplay and revealing fascinating features.

In this post, we will go into the rich and multifaceted role of diamonds in Geometry Dash, examining their purposes and importance.

What do diamonds do in geometry?

Geometry Dash diamonds play a crucial role as the game’s main form of rewards and currency. Diamonds can be collected in a number of ways, including through daily challenges, beating milestones, beating demon levels, and finishing levels. Diamonds are the in-game shop’s money, enabling players to buy a variety of customization and improvement choices.

Players can use their diamonds in the store to gain access to new icons, colours, trails, backdrops, and other visual improvements. These options give the game more dimension and enable players to make their own unique journeys.

Diamonds can also be used to open hidden vaults in Geometry Dash. These vaults include surprises, extra levels, and secret treasures. Players may access these hidden vaults by collecting diamonds throughout the game, revealing new material and encouraging a sense of exploration and discovery.

For committed gamers, the mysteries concealed within these vaults offer a great surprise, providing a sense of intrigue and rewarding their efforts with one-of-a-kind and exclusive experiences.

what do diamonds do in geometry

How to get diamonds in Geometry Dash

Complete Levels

Level completion is a primary way of acquiring diamonds. Keep an eye out for secretly placed diamonds as you make your way through the geometric complexities and rhythmic difficulties of each level. They could be positioned along your route or hidden in corners. Once you have gathered these diamonds while successfully finishing a level, they will be added to your inventory.

Daily Chests

Daily Chests is a way to provide players with diamond rewards. Geometry Dash offers daily chests. You can unlock these chests by logging into the game each day to get a randomized quantity of diamonds. You have more opportunities to collect daily incentives and gradually build up your diamond balance the more often you play.

Variety of Achievements

By achieving particular goals or milestones, you can unlock a number of achievements in Geometry Dash. These achievements come in the form of diamonds. These goals can include beating a set number of levels, getting a certain score, or attaining a certain number of game milestones. You can view the tasks you need to finish in Geometry Dash’s accomplishments area to get diamonds.

Demon Levels

Geometry Dash’s demon levels are infamous for being challenging but also providing bigger prizes, such as diamonds. Levels of demons are indicated by a skull emblem and are typically labelled as “Hard Demon,” “Medium Demon,” or “Insane Demon.” You can earn a substantial amount of diamonds by successfully finishing these difficult stages. Test your abilities, endure, and practice to beat demon levels and get prizes.

Daily Challenges

In daily challenges, you’re frequently required to finish particular stages or accomplish particular goals within a set amount of time. You gain diamonds and other in-game incentives by successfully completing these daily tasks, in addition to diamonds. Watch the daily challenge area and put your speed to the test as you complete these timed challenges to gather diamonds.


In Geometry Dash, gauntlets are collections of levels that are organized according to a common subject. Each gauntlet often has various stages, and you receive diamonds for finishing each one. The number of diamonds you get can vary depending on how challenging the gauntlet is. As you go through the gauntlets and successfully complete each level’s obstacles, you will earn diamonds.

Use of Diamonds in Geometry Dash

  • Diamonds are used for accomplishments that reward you with various Geometry Dash icons.
  • You can use them in the shop for things like icons, colours, and the like.
  • You need 500 diamonds to visit Scratch’s shop in the Treasure Room.
  • Two hundred diamonds are required to complete the vault’s Challenge level.

Shop and Customization

In Geometry Dash, a variety of cosmetic items are available for purchase in-game with diamonds. The diamonds that players have worked so hard to collect can be used to customize gameplay.

This includes obtaining new icons, trails, and colours and even customizing the backdrop and effects of the level. Each level in the game becomes distinctive and unique because of the aesthetic flare added by these customization choices, which also let players express their creativity.

Demon Levels

Demon levels in Geometry Dash are particularly difficult for players to accomplish, sometimes demanding tremendous skills. Diamonds are essential for gaining entrance to these levels. Players can visit demons that are ordinarily unreachable by gathering a certain quantity of jewels. 

For devoted gamers looking for a further challenge to their platforming skills, these demon levels are renowned for their difficulty and offer an intense and exhilarating experience.

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Unlock secret vaults

Diamonds can also be used in Geometry Dash as a key to open secret vaults. These tombs provide surprises like additional levels and secret treasures. Players can open these vaults by collecting diamonds throughout the game, which adds a sense of mystery and discovery and offers more material to explore outside of the standard stages.


Are diamonds available in the free version of Geometry Dash?

Yes, diamonds are available in both the free and paid versions of Geometry Dash.

What do diamonds do in Geometry Dash?

Diamonds serve multiple purposes in Geometry Dash. They act as the primary in-game currency, allowing players to purchase customization options and enhancements from the shop. Diamonds also unlock demon levels, which are highly challenging stages, and secret vaults that house hidden treasures and bonus levels. Additionally, players can award diamonds to levels created by other players as a form of recognition and appreciation.

How do I collect diamonds in Geometry Dash?

You can collect diamonds in Geometry Dash by completing levels, opening daily chests, achieving milestones, conquering demon levels, and participating in daily challenges. These activities provide opportunities to earn diamonds and progress in the game. Additionally, unlocking secret vaults and receiving diamond rewards from other players for your levels are also ways to collect diamonds.

How do you get to the secret shop in Geometry Dash?

You can reach them by choosing hanging ropes: the store through the rope on the Icon Kit menu, the hidden shop through the rope on the last portion of the Treasure Room, and the community shop through the ropes in both of those locations. To open the communal shop and the hidden shop, you need 500 and 200 diamonds, respectively.


Diamonds in Geometry Dash serve as a versatile and valuable resource, enhancing the game’s mechanics and enriching the overall player experience. From their role as currency and rewards to unlocking customization options, demon levels, and secret vaults, diamonds provide players with a sense of progression, accomplishment, and personalization.

Gather your diamonds, embrace the rhythm, and embark on an adventure like no other!